Endura Carbo Fuel Powder

by Endura

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Endura Carbo Fuel Powder description

Description of Endura Carbo Fuel Powder:
Endura Carbo Fuel is a 'protein sparing' (makes more protein available for muscle growth, performance and recovery) formula.
It is especially for hardcore/professional athletes, weight trainers and bodybuilders, who burn lots of calories during workouts, but are unable to compensate for them sufficiently. Hence they have a tough time while getting good size of muscles. Endura Carbo Fuel is the right choice for high quality calories, which support protein synthesis and keep muscle protein catabolism under control.

Endura Carbo Fuel Powder

How to use Endura Carbo Fuel Powder:
Take 2 scoops of Carbo Fuel with water or juice 30-45 minutes before exercise. Use a second serving immediately after the exercise.

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