SBL Baryta Carbonicum 10M CH

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SBL Baryta Carbonicum 10M CH description

Details of SBL Baryta Carbonicum 10M CH:

SBL Baryta Carbonicum 10M CH aids to the children who are backward mentally. Baryta carbonica affects the nutrition, mind, glands, heart , blood vessels and lungs. It is specially indicated in infancy and old age. Baryta carbonica patients are physically weak with stunted growth and development. They are dwarfish mentally and physically. They are forgetful and they take cold easily. They have swollen tonsils subjected to quincy which is prone to suppurate. Baryta carbonica is suitable for diseases of old men when degenerative changes begins in either heart or prostate. There is also frequently present offensive foot-sweats with weakness and weariness making the patient inclined to lie down. Throat infections and bleeding from nose is affected as well by baryta carbonica. Those who have masturbated and who suffer from seminal emissions, together with cardiac irritability and palpitation are suitable to be prescribed this remedy baryta carbonica.

Baryta Carbonica has marked action on swollen tonsils. Tonsils are swollen with engorged veins and enlarged glands of the neck. Takes cold easily. Smarting pain while swallowing. Throat sore to touch. Tonsils enlarged especially on right side. Pain is more on taking solid food.Tonsillitis is caused by suppressed foot sweat, cold drinks and cold air. It is also helpful in treating cysts. It also helps in swelling and induration of other glands such as cervical or inguinal 

SBL Baryta Carbonicum 10M CH


  •  Shy, Timid.   
  •  Children hide behind mother.   
  •  Children don't play, just stare, they have no friends.   
  •  Fear strangers, stay in family.  
  •  Delayed development.  
  •  Slow learning to talk, walk.  
  •  Childishness in old people. Senility. Silly.  
  •  IRRESOLUTION. Weak will.  
  •  Difficult comprehension. Weak memory.  
  •  Dependant in relationships, easily suppressed  ( Staphisagria ) .  
  •  Neat, perfect in dress  ( conscientious about appearance ) .  
  •  Suspicious: "They laugh at me ".  
  •  Biting fingernails.  
  •  Jealousy in children causing: enuresis  ( involuntary urination ) ,   colds, hiding etc.  
  •  Acute: breakdown of mental functioning.  

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