SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil

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SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil description

Description of SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil:
SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil is recommended for treating hair fall and dandruff. The oil also nourishes hair roots, protects hair damage and premature greying of hair.

Benefits of SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil:
Nourishes hair roots
Strengthens hair and prevents hair fall
Protects hair from damage leaving the hair clean, smooth, silky, manageable and healthy
Rejuvenates scalp and stimulates hair follicles
Controls dandruff and promote hair growth
Strengthen and replenish hair lost lustre and vitality, bring shine
Increases hair density, add bounce and volume to hair
Nourishes hair by toning up the circulation of scalp
Prevents premature greying of hair
Treats itching of the scalp (scratching sensation) and eczema of head, psoriasis or dandruff

SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil

How to use SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil:
Take about 4-5 ml of Oil in the palm
Run your fingertips through the hair ensuring it touches the hair roots and rub gently
Apply the oil at night before bed and wash plus rinse it the next day morning

Ingredients of SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil:
Extract of Jaborandi herb

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