SBL Plantago Major 1000 CH

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SBL Plantago Major 1000 CH description

Description of SBL Plantago Major 1000 CH:
Plantago Major Dilution is very effective homeopathic remedy which is used for the treatment of a host of health issues. It is effective in relieving pain in the eyes and inflammation of the middle ear. An excellent remedy to cure depression accompanied by insomnia and nicotinism. It can be used to treat stomach disorders such as dysentery and indigestion and can also be used to relieve high fever.

SBL Plantago Major 1000 CH

Benefits of SBL Plantago Major 1000 CH:
It is primarily used to treat and heal wounds and cuts on the skin
Effectively treat skin conditions such as acne and scars
It is used as a laxative to improve digestion and to increase appetite
It is also used to treat diarrhoea, gastritis, colitis and related digestive ailments
Treats inflammation and irritation in the stomach bowels
Reduces mucus secretion in the airways which helps in curing cold, sinuses
Bronchial allergies such as hay fever and asthma is treated well by Plantago
Effective remedy for the treatment of sore throat, cough and tonsils

How to use SBL Plantago Major 1000 CH:
As directed by the physician

Ingredients of SBL Plantago Major 1000 CH:

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